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Well-being, performance enhancement, healthy ageing and personal growth through science-proven breath-based practices

A yoga studio with you at the center

House of Breath is your space to decompress, recharge and move ahead. We offer science-proven breath-based practices to support your well-being, improve your performance, promote healthy ageing and help you become the best that you can be. We host yoga, relaxation and meditation sessions for all levels (from beginners to advanced) and all age groups. 

House of Breath is an inclusive space where individual diversity is celebrated and where you will be encouraged to find your own way of practicing. Our offer is catered to individual needs and wants, often through one-to-one sessions and the creation of personalised programs. 

We are based in Malmö but we can also offer sessions in Southern Sweden / Copenaghen and online.

Our bespoke and customised offering

Our offering starts with a free one-hour consultation, either in person or online. If you decide to come to visit us, we will brew some good tea for you. The consultation is geared towards getting to know each other. As our approach is highly individualised, we think that it is very important that you feel entirely comfortable with the kind of yoga we teach and the way in which we teach.

After the free consultation, you can choose one of our packages: 

A) Introduction to breath-based hatha yoga

This package includes three or five individual (one-to-one) 1-hour sessions. After these sessions, you can practice on your own and come by to visit us every now and then for some checkpoints and additional advice on how to keep improving your practice. The sessions can be in person or online.

Cost (
3 sessions): 1450 sek, summer offer at a special price: 950 sek 
Cost (5 sessions): 2400 sek, summer offer at a special price: 1490 sek 

B) Personalised breath-based hatha yoga programs

If you get this package, we will create for you a personalised yoga program, based on your body type, age, lifestyle and on your needs and wants. Just as an example, we can create programs geared towards relaxation, healthy ageing, enhancing your vitality and natural beauty or improving your mood. If you are already a yoga practitioner, we can also work together on how to weave breath-based principles and techniques within your yoga routine.

Cost (3 sessions): 2400 sek, summer offer at a special price: 1900 sek 

C) Single one-to-one sessions

Especially after having being introduced to our approach, you can always get single one-to-one sessions. Each session is 60 minutes and includes asana practice, breathing exercises and, if you so wish, guided relaxation and meditation. This can be accompanied by moments of sound and vibration therapy through Tibetan singing bowls and chimes. The sessions can be in person or online.

Cost: 590 sek, summer offer at a special price: 390 sek 

D) Yoga events and experiential talks

We offer yoga sessions for groups, mostly on the occasion of corporate events or yoga-themed celebrations and parties. For companies, we routinely use yoga techniques to support teams during co-creation and co-design sessions and we offer workshops on how simple but effective yoga routines can counterbalance the negative effects of sedentary work. We also enliven private parties with joyful and fun yoga practice.

Please get in touch if you want to know more.

Book your free one-hour consultation now

Feel free to book us for a free session. It doesn’t matter if, after this free session, you decide not to continue with us: we are always happy to have a chat and talk about yoga-related matters!

Who we are


Ella Baybikova

Ella Baybikova

Ella is a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance RYT-200 from Akasha Yoga Academy). She is currently furthering her qualification through advanced 300-hour training. She is also the managing partner of Logic Moon, where she leads art-based initiatives that support processes of personal growth and community engagement for vulnerable populations. 

Luca Simeone

Luca Simeone

Luca is a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance RYT-200 from Akasha Yoga Academy). He is currently furthering his qualification through advanced 300-hour training. He is also an associate professor at Aalborg University, where his focus is on how design and arts can support personal and community resilience, transition thinking, long-term strategic orientation and positive and impactful change. 

Yoga has been and is an integral part of Ella and Luca’s life – their reference point being the work of  Krishnamacharya, T. K. V. Desikachar and Vanda Scaravelli. 

Any questions?
Please reach out

Our mini studio is located in the city center of Malmö, a few hundred meters from the station Triangeln. This is a teeny-tiny space that is just perfect for a one-to-one session and to brew some tea:

Rådmansgatan 15G
21146 Malmö (Sweden)

If you prefer, we are also happy to offer online sessions or come to your place (home or workplace).

House of Breath is a safe space, with a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and any type of harassment.